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Quickfire Q&A: Teri Terry

We asked Teri Terry, author of the SLATED trilogy, the Dark Matter trilogy and many more brilliant books, to tell us about her latest thriller, Dark Blue Rising.




Teri Terry

Currently reading:

Wrecked, by Louisa Reid

The title of your book:

Dark Blue Rising

Describe your book in one sentence:

This is SO hard – can I use lots of semi-colons? Dark Blue Rising is about a stolen child; an ancient sisterhood; environmental terrorism; finding your own path and voice.

What inspired you to write the book?

The climate emergency is the defining crisis of our age; it threatens far more lives than covid-19 ever could. I wanted to write about finding hope in hopelessness. I truly believe that one person who stands up for what they believe can make a difference, and wanted to write their story.

Tell us about a character from your book. What’s your favourite thing about them? Why will readers like them and remember them?

Tabby is the main character. I like how she finds a way to be true to herself in impossible circumstances; to be brave when she is scared; to find her way in unfamiliar surroundings. It’s for readers to decide what they make of her.


Dark Blue Rising is out now. Click on the cover below to find out more.



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