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Crystal Cestari: My #Shelfie

We asked Crystal Cestari, author of Miss Match, to tell us about her #shelfie and it sounds AMAZING! We are definitely inspired to colour coordinate our shelves.

I have two main bookshelves, both of which are rainbow colored. As a baby, my crib sheets were rainbow-striped, and I’m pretty sure that’s where my lifelong obsession with lining things up in classic ROYGBIV-order was born. I spend an absurd amount of time organizing my shelves, but since they are my favorite and most important pieces of furniture, I think it’s okay.

Let’s take a look at the different colors!

Red/Orange Shelf – I like to mix up the way my books are arranged, with rows, piles, and accessories tucked in-between. On this shelf I have my tattered copy of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (my childhood favorite) and some other standout titles like The Sun is Also a Star and Squirrel GirlWarren the 13th was a special, spooky read between me and my daughter, and we both loved this cover.

Yellow/Green Shelf – This is probably my most sparse shelf, since not too many books are rocking these hues. But Eliza and Her MonstersLittle Women, and Anne of Green Gables make a strong showing, not to mention my Pawnee goddesses patch from Parks and Recreation.

Blue Shelf – A lot of books have blue covers, have you ever noticed? Usually I coordinate my accessories to their respective shelves, but this yellow nerd sign just looks so fun against the blue. So many amazing books have blue covers—almost too many to name—but I spy A Wrinkle in TimeMy Lady Jane, and Outlander (plus a giant nerd who is photobombing this shelf).

White Shelf – On the left, I have my daughter’s first drawing of Mickey Mouse; on the right, trusty R2. In the middle, there’s one of my favorites from Shel Silverstein.

Black/Grey Shelf – I love the gold mockingjay symbol on this Hunger Games cover, and placing Katniss next to Buffy just seems like a natural fit, don’t you think?

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