This is the story of Sunny, a seventeen year old feeling isolated and disconnected in the city he’s just moved to, learning to find himself and his confidence after a racist attack. 

Here’s a little bit more about him and some of the key players to look out for in The Boxer:


A quiet loner, new in Bristol. At a crossroads in his life. Trying to find the spark. Something that will set in motion the rest of his life. He hates to be seen. He just wants to get his head down and get on.

Super close with his mum. Misses London. Misses his fam. He is the quiet fighter. Every punch rains on you with everything he’s got, everything he’s been through. Because he’s not just fighting to win.

He’s fighting to find himself.



Bristol born and bred. Difficult family life. His brother and uncle are not nice people. Not nice at all. Everyone thinks he’s gonna be a star Especially him. He thinks a lot of himself and he would do anything for his family, even if he disagrees with them. Cos family’s family.

He likes Sunny because Sunny makes him look good. Also, Sunny has no expectations of him like everyone else. He’s the showy fighter. The one who wants to dominate you quickly. He doesn’t want 10 rounds with you.

He wants to KO you in the first 30 seconds.



Olympic-material. Team GB. She fought in 2012. But as she says, it was Nicola’s year.

She is obsessed with technique. She wants to know why you’re fighting and what you’re fighting for. She is the kind of trainer who wants to work on your brain as well as your brawn. She will drill technique into you, give you life advice and make you quicker.

She is the mentor Sunny has been looking for his entire life.



Sunny’s best friend. She is a badass with a quick tongue. And man, she knows what she wants and she does not want any fools anywhere near her. She pushes you because she wants the best for you.

She loves hard and deep. She is funny and quick-witted and always there.

The type of loyal friend you want in your corner, cos she will fight anyone who goes against her friends.



Taxi driver with a heart of gold. Head cheerleader for Shobu and Sunny.

Big into bhangra.