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Rebecca Sky, author of Arrowheart, tells us all about her #shelfie!

Warning to all book-lovers: contains an AMAZING bookish chest of drawers AND tons of books.

Hi readers! I’m Rebecca Sky author of the upcoming YA Contemporary Fantasy ARROWHEART. Arrowheart is about the descendants of Greek God Eros, who have the power to take the will of anyone they kiss!



I thought it would be fun to give you all a quick tour of my shelfie! Since there really is no better way to get to know someone, am I right?

Here’s a pic of my BFF (best fur friend) Winston, and my main shelf…he’s such a little poser.



Isn’t that book dresser so cool? I found it at a garage sale and just had to have it — I ended up carrying it six blocks to my house, but it was worth it!



I get asked often what my favorite book is and, though it is a really tough choice, I’m going to have to go with…



Sometimes I wonder if I love it so much because I was reading about a curious and imaginative girl like me (and no, not just because we both have red hair…okay, fine, you got me, a big part of it is the hair…). But being able to relate to the main character is special, I knew what it felt like to be picked on for being different and looking different, and how lonely it can be to be a teenager. Not to mention the writing is so beautiful! If you’ve never read Anne of Green Gables, get on it!



This next picture it cool, because yes that is a custom Coke bottle with my twitter handle that Coke sent me! It has a permanent place on my shelf!



I have so many books and such a small space, and basically every time I go out I buy another book (it’s an addiction), so I have to think of creative ways to store them. Be honest, you horde books too. We should probably start a club… Book Buyers anonymous… who’s with me?



I also keep books in/on my fireplace mantle, and windowsills, and under my couch and bed! Did I mention I have a problem? (It’s a good problem though!). Look at those shiny beauties on top of my fireplace!!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍



Thanks for joining me on my book #shelfie mini tour! Tweet a picture of your shelfies and tag @teambkmrk and @rebeccasky so we can see them too!!!

Love others and stay well read!


Rebecca Sky