1) When I was 5 years old I wanted to be… a veterinarian, President of the United States, and a writer. At least one of those worked out! So far.

2) The book I’ve read the most times… is probably The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis. I find it very comforting, even if Turkish delight turned out to be not nearly as delicious as advertised.

3) The book I always recommend to others… is usually something I’m working on in my editorial life—right now I can’t shut up about the first graphic novel I edited, The Witch Boy by Molly Knox Ostertag. I just think it’s perfect.

4) The item I have more of than anything else… is shoes. Or clothes in general. I don’t know how I store them all in the small apartment I share with my husband and 6-year-old son, but to give you an idea: I have eight pairs of ankle boots … for the winter … wait, maybe nine …

5) The last time I went to the cinema… was to see Wonder Woman for the second time. Love how much fun that movie is.

6) My choice of superpower… would definitely be flight. It would be thrilling, obviously, but it would also make my commute a lot easier.

7) My favourite city in the world… is New York, which is lucky, since I live here! I’ve always felt at home here, and I love that I can walk everywhere (even though I sometimes miss driving, too).

8) The person I call when I need cheering up… is my friend Erica. Though what cheers me up best is when she and I run together—which we’re fortunate to have time to do a couple mornings a week—and chat about our lives or the world or TV (or all three). After those runs everything feels better.

9) The best thing about being a writer… is the surprises hidden in your own work. You think you’ve invented a puzzle, but as the pieces come together you find new images and shapes that you never anticipated. On the best days, you feel like a magician.

10) The Hogwarts house I belong to is… Ravenclaw! I’ve taken the test a dozen times, so this is very much a confirmed fact.


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