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This website is an Hachette Children’s Group (HCG, or we, us, our). HCG is the business part of two other companies – Hodder & Stoughton Limited (HS) and The Watts Publishing Group Limited (WP). Hodder & Stoughton and The Watts Publishing Group are the data controllers for all the imprints of HCG.

Hachette Children’s Group comprises the imprints Hodder Children’s Books, Orion Children’s Books, Little, Brown Books for Young Readers, Quercus Children’s Books, Pat-a-Cake, Wayland and Wren & Rook. These imprints are published by Hachette Children’s Group as a division of Hodder & Stoughton Limited. In this case Hodder & Stoughton Limited is the data controller.

Hachette Children’s Group also comprises the imprints Orchard Books and Franklin Watts which are published by Hachette Children’s Group as a division of The Watts Publishing Group Limited. In this case The Watts Publishing Group Limited is the data controller.

Hachette Children’s Group is also the publisher of Enid Blyton and the owner of Enid Blyton Entertainment. In this case Hodder & Stoughton Limited is the data controller.

Hodder & Stoughton Limited or The Watts Publishing Group Limited is your data controller. Your data controller looks after the information you give us and decides what to do with it.

This notice explains what happens when you visit this site and tell us about yourself and what we find out about you by you being here. This is your data. You can discover what choices and rights you have and how you can control what we know about you.

You also need to read our cookie policy. We use cookies to help us remember who you are and to make our website a better experience for you. Please read our Cookies Policy which is on our website if you want to learn what cookies are and how we use them.

We’re going to tell you about:
 Who we are
 How we collect and use your data
 Who gets to see your data and where it goes
 How we look after it
 How long we keep it
 How you keep control


Hodder and Stoughton Limited is a company registered in England under company number 651692 and registered address below. It is part of the Hachette UK Group of companies (see Group Company List in the on-line version of this Privacy Notice).

The Watts Publishing Group Limited is a company registered in England under company number 3911258 with its registered address below. It is part of the Lagardère Group of companies.

You can get hold of us here if you want to ask any questions:
FOA: Legal Department (GDPR)
Address: Hachette UK, Carmelite House, 50 Victoria Embankment, London, EC4Y 0DZ


When you sign up to our newsletter, you give us your name and email address. You need to do this if you want to get information about our books or find out about exclusive newsletter-only competitions.
We also collect your data when you:
 send us letters, emails, phone us or use our website;
 come to our events and sign-up for free stuff

If you enter a competition or prize draw we’ll ask for your home address so we can send you the prize if you win as well as when you sign up for free stuff.

We don’t sell your data and we won’t get in touch unless you have opted-in. Even when you do opt-in you can always opt-out again. To find out how see the section ‘How you keep Control’ below.

What you look at
Our website has cookies and software that tells us how you’re using it. We can see what you look at and where you are. We keep this information because it helps us figure out what you like. To learn more about how we do this see our Cookie Policy.

Using what we know about you

When we use your data we have to have a legal reason. Most of the time it’s because you have opted-in and given us consent. Remember you can always change your mind and opt-out. Click here to find out how please see the section ’How you keep control below’.

Sometimes we might use what we know about you to help us run our publishing business and to make things, like our websites, better for you. The legal reason that lets us do this is called ‘legitimate business interests’ – let’s call it ‘interests’ for short. What’s good to know about our interests are that they’re never more important than yours. But sometimes there are legal rules that we all have to follow. So you can object to what we do if we’re using our interests as the reason for doing it.

See below for a list of how we use your data and our reasons:
 to keep in touch with you and tell you all our news about books and authors (with consent only);
 to send you newsletters (with consent only);
 to reply to your questions (our interest);
 to run our business legally – there are a lot of rules we have to follow (our interest);
 to see if our advertising is working (our interest);
 to figure out what else you might like (our interest);
 to make what we send you more personal (our interest);


People that work here use and see your data. Sometimes we work with other companies and the people that work there also use and see your data but only as and when we tell them to. We make sure everyone keeps your data safe so it doesn’t get lost or damaged or given to someone it shouldn’t.

And here are the kinds of companies we use:
 IT and computer companies;
 advertising companies;
 accountants and lawyers.


We already told you that HCG has lots of parts. We share your data within our group and also with the Hachette UK and Lagardère groups. Apart from that we don’t share your data unless you say we can. But sometimes there are legal rules that mean we have to share your data and sometimes businesses get bought or sold. In those situations we share.

Sending your data overseas
We are in the UK. We‘re not allowed to send your data further than Europe without making sure that it is as safe as it would be if it stayed here. So we don’t.


We try to keep as little about you as possible. What we do keep, we keep safe by making sure our computers have proper security and using passwords. Where possible we keep your data in a way that means it can’t identify you so even if something were to go wrong, your data would be safe.


We only keep your data because we believe you’re interested in our books and authors. If you ask us to stop sending you things or if you don’t reply to us or your email bounces back, we delete your data 2 years after the last time we hear from you. You can ask us what we have about you at any time (see the section ‘How you keep control’).

In addition, we have a routine of checking our emails and databases and deleting what we don’t need or is too old. Our email system automatically deletes our deleted items regularly so we don’t have to! You can ask us to change or delete what we have about you as described in the section ‘How you keep control’.


There are lots of ways you can keep control. These are your rights and choices:
 you can object to what we’re doing if we’re doing it because of our interests;
 you can change your mind and opt-out after you opted-in to something;
 you can ask to see what details we’ve got about you and get a copy of it;
 you can ask us to change your address or other details we have about you or delete it or use it less;
 and you can complain about us!

We want to help so please get in touch using the details set out in the section ‘Who we are’ if you want to ask questions about this. We will try to sort it out. But if we can’t you can go to the UK Information Commissioner’s Office ( and tell them what you think we did wrong.


We’ll let you know if we change this notice. This Privacy Notice was updated on 23 May 2018