1) Can you sum up Grace & Fury for us in 25 words or less?

Two sisters in two very different prisons fight the oppressive patriarchal rules of their world in a desperate bid to reunite.

2) Grace & Fury is set in a world where women have no rights. Was there anything in particular – in your own life or the wider world – that inspired this?

I wish I could say it’s pure fantasy, but the truth is the world is still a very misogynistic place. Women still have to fight for an equal seat at the table. I can’t deny that the last couple of years, particularly US politics, have created a building sense of frustration and injustice in me that I channeled into my writing.

3) The title of the book is very beautiful and meaningful. Can you tell us a bit about what it represents?

Thank you! I think “grace” and fury” represent two facets of womanhood within the book. On one side, you have an ideal of the perfect woman, and on the other, the anger that women in this world have no outlet for. I think it’s fun to  watch readers speculate which sister represents “grace” and which represents “fury.”

4) Throughout the book the characters learn about finding their voice and asserting themselves. Was there anything you learned, while writing the book, that you’ve been able to take into your own life?

There are parts in the book where the characters have to make conscious decisions to step up and rebel against the status quo. I think we can all get complacent—writing this book reminded me that I have a responsibility to stand up and take action if I see a situation that bothers me.

5) What do you hope readers will take away from the book?

Most of all, I hope they have fun reading it. That’s the more important thing! But if they do take anything away, I hope it’s that together, women can accomplish anything. That the pitting of one woman against another, the competition, is often a construct by the patriarchy to divide and conquer us. We get farther supporting each other than we do tearing each other down.

6) Grace & Fury ends with quite the cliffhanger. Is there anything you can tease about book 2? (Don’t worry, everyone – there is a sequel!)

Hmmm. Let’s see. I wish I could say all is happiness and rainbows for my sisters, but alas…their trials are just beginning. There’s more bloodshed, more palace intrigue, and at least one death that made me cry as I was writing it.

Tracy Banghart’s dazzling YA fantasy novel GRACE & FURY is out in paperback and ebook from 26th July 2018.