Phew! September has been an epic month here on BKMRK: six extraordinary books published, and the small matter of launching the website!

But it doesn’t stop there: our schedule for the next few months is looking equally exciting, with a whole range of very different teen and YA titles coming your way. We’ll be talking much more about them during the rest of the year, but for now here’s just a quick sneak peek at our October-January highlights…



Satellite – by Nick Lake

If you’re a science fiction fan, read this book. If you’re NOT a science fiction fan, read this book!

Telling the story of a teenage boy born and raised on a spaceship and now journeying ‘home’ to Earth for the first time, Satellite is so much more than a book about space. It’s a heartbreakingly beautiful story about identity and belonging, about family and love, and about what makes a home.

In the words of one Netgalley reviewer: ‘it made my heart pound, it made me sob and laugh, it warmed my soul’

Sound good? You can get your hands on Satellite on Oct 5.


Rock War: Crash Landing – by Robert Muchamore

An author who needs no introduction, of course! From the international bestselling author of the Cherub series, Crash Landing is Robert’s explosive final Rock War book.

Jay, Summer and Dylan are fresh out of the biggest reality show there is. But they’re about to discover what fame and fortune are really about…

Crash Landing lands on the Oct 5.


Trans Mission – by Alex Bertie

We are incredibly proud to be publishing this ground-breaking book from YouTuber Alex Bertie – the brave and brilliant account of his life as a young transgender man.

Trans Mission tells Alex’s story from the start, through his gradual realisation that he was transgender and his coming out to friends and family, to his battles with the healthcare system and continuing struggles and triumphs. It’s a truly special book.

Trans Mission is released on Nov 2.




Everless – Sara Holland

We’re four months away from publication but the excitement around the debut is already palpable! It’s got everything you’d want in a fantasy novel: danger, love, magic, and a totally unique world.

In the world of Everless, alchemists have discovered a way to extract hours, days and years from blood and bind them to iron coins – time is now currency, with the rich living for centuries and the poor bleeding themselves dry.

Caraval author Stephanie Garber has called it ‘an intoxicating blend of blood, secrets, and haunting mythology’ and we couldn’t agree more.

Can you tell we’re pretty excited* about this book? Everless arrives Jan 4.

*Really, really excited


The List of Real things – Sarah Moore Fitzgerald

Sarah Moore Fitzgerald was shortlisted for the Waterstones Children’s Book Prize for her novel The Apple Tart of Hope, and it’s not hard to see why – her books are completely beautiful, full of joy and heartbreak.

Her new book, The List of Real Things, follows sisters Gracie and Bee, who have lived with their eccentric uncle since their parents died several years earlier. When little Bee’s incredible imagination begins to spiral out of control, Gracie insists she make a list: things that are real, and things that are not. But is that line really as clear as she thinks…?

The List of Real Things – along with a brand new edition of The Apple Tart of Hope – will be in shops from Jan 25.