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Quickfire Q&A with… Bex Hogan

Bex Hogan, author of epic fantasy Viper, answers our quickfire questions…


  1. When I was 5 years old I wanted to be… A vet. All I lacked was the ability to do science.
  2. The book I always recommend to others… Mistress of the Art of Death by Ariana Franklin.
  3. My favourite chocolate bar… Ritter Marzipan or Mini Moos Bunnycomb Bar. Don’t make me choose!
  4. The item I have more of than anything else… I don’t drink hot drinks but cannot resist a pretty mug!
  5. My choice of superpower… Flying would be pretty cool – imagine the total freedom!
  6. The one piece of advice I would give my teenage self… Don’t worry about trying to be normal. Normal doesn’t exist.
  7. If I had to choose between saying everything I think or never speaking again… I think it would be best if I just never spoke again…!
  8. My favourite city in the world… The medieval cité, Carcassonne. So much history and beauty, I love it so much.
  9. If I could go back to any time in history… The Regency era so I can essentially be a character in a Jane Austen novel.
  10. The best thing about being a writer… Having permission to daydream.


Bex Hogan’s Viper is available in stores now. Find out more here.


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