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Blogger Guidelines

If you are a blogger, vlogger, Instagrammer or similar and are interested in receiving review copies from us, here are a few handy do’s and don’t’s!

Please bear in mind that we produce only a very limited number of review copies and it will not always be possible to fulfil all requests. We are also only able to send physical review copies and grant NetGalley requests to bloggers based in the UK.


1.    Email

When emailing requests to this address, please include the following information:
–    Link to your blog
–    Visitor and follower stats for your blog and social media channels
–    The genres you are particularly interested in
–    Full mailing address
–    Interest in other opportunities including blog tours, author guest posts, interviews, competitions or events

Please note that our publicity team receive large numbers of enquiries so may not be able to respond to them all.

2.    Sign up to NetGalley

If you’re happy to read digitally, many of our books will be made available on NetGalley in advance of publication.


1.    Make your requests via Twitter

In general, our social media accounts are not run by the same people who manage our review copy mailing lists, so this isn’t the best place to make requests.

2.    Panic if you don’t receive a review copy immediately!

Often our review copy mailings happen in a number of stages rather than all at once. If you see that a proof has been produced and you are a regular recipient of our proofs within that genre, it may be that you are already on the list to receive one – don’t panic if it’s not with you straight away!

Note: If you have moved and would like us to update our records with your new address, please email

Many thanks, everyone! We look forward to working with you!